Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 2011 Favourites

1.Mac's powder blush in "Fleurpower"
A pink-peach blush, highly pigmented, you need a light hand with this.I use it very often and love its intensity.

2.Chanel Levres Scintillantes no 25
A peachy-pink gloss with gold shimmer.It is long lasting, non sticky and one of the few lipglosses I can tolerate on my lips.Its colour is great now that summer is on its way and It's flattering for every complexion.

3.H&M Eyeshadow palette in "Biscotti Dreams"
It's cheap(6euros) and is very good.I use it almost everyday (great for smokey eyes and neutral looks) and I'm completely satisfied.Pigmented, almost creamy, shimmery but not overpowering shimmer...I intend to buy more h&m eyeshadows, they're pretty good for the price!

4.Lancome Poudre Majeure Excellence in 01 Translucide
It is great for setting my make up, it gives me a mat face which lasts.

5.Artdeco Eyeshadow Base
It's almost as good as too faced shadow insurance, it's cheaper (7 Euros) and is 5ml (0.16FL.OZ.), a good amount of product.It smells like shampoo :)

Your favourites for this month? :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Wishlist

Amazonian Clay Blush by Tarte
Made out of clay that’s harvested from the banks of Amazon river.Long lasting and a series of beautiful colours...I'd love to try all of them!Too bad you can't find such wonderful products in Greece :(

Girl about town lipstick by MAC

It is described as a Fabulous fuchsia (Amplified Creme), it has good pigmentation and is ideal for the spring color-block trend :)

So Sweet So Easy Cremeblend blush by MAC

It is described as bright yellow pink.It's so beautiful, don't you think?

Powder Blush in Melba by MAC

It is described as soft coral-peach and it is a mat.I think is one of the most wearable blushes and goes with everything.

Candy Glitter Liner by Nyx

They come in a variety of colours.For those summery clubbing nights :)

Inglot eyeshadows

Again,a product that can't be found in Greece.Great pigmentation, they blend beautifully and they come in many colours.

Bella Bamba by Benefit

Bella Bamba is a bright pink blush that is supposed to give cheeks a 3D effect.It is said to be quite pigmented and gives a beautiful brightening flush to your cheeks.As you must have noticed by now I'm a blush freak :D.

Comment below your Wishlist, I need more new products to get obsessed with!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Murad's Oils Control Mattifier SPF15 Review

I was asked by Stavroula to make a review about Murad's Oil Control Mattifier here it is! :D

Packaging : 50mL-1.7FL.OZ. Tube
Price: in Greece about 50Euros
Is sold at : Sephora
Ingredients : Pomegranate Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Extract, Glutamic Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Tea tree leaf oil , Willow Bark Extract , amongst others.

What Murad says: "Provides long lasting oil-control and prevents sun damage by: 
  • Immediately mattifying and controling oil up to 8 hours
  • Delivering powerful UVA/UVB sun protection"
     Having combination-oily skin, summer used to be a nightmare for me. Excessive oil, shiny areas, make up wouldn't last for more than 2-3 hours and I felt so ashamed to walk around with my face and especially my T-zone in such condition(If my nose was larger, I bet you could see your face reflecting on it LOL) .
     I had already known murad's products (as a skin specialist at sephora) and they were quite effective at least for my skin.But this cream and I were met through a magazine tester. I loved it from the first minute. It's got a thick consistency, which was a surprize because thick consistencies are related to lipids and intensive moisturizing creams but this is so different.It's white, a little goes a long way and it's got a slight minty scent.It feels refreshing and cool as you apply.
     As it is easily getting absorbed, It creates a film, a barrier to your skin which doesn't allow oils to penetrate it.Your skin feels smooth and dry for a long time, it doesn't look shiny even after 8 hours.For me it's like it stops oil production , gives a 100% mat result and functions perfectly as a make up primer.
     Although it is said to be a moisturizer, as I was using it all over my face I noticed some signs of dehydration on my I added a moisturizer under.Oh and If you buy it make sure the expriration date is good enough for you -depending on how frequently you'll use it (murad's products are designed based on biotechnology and contain plant extracts so they are a little more sensitive than other products).

Overall I think this is a miracle product for everyone who has combination to extremely oily skin.It does what it says it does.Comparing it to other oil free products for combination or oily skin is wayyy far better , it is a winner.

Beatie :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skincare routine...

Despite the fact that I am a program freak and a hard worker, I am a terribly lazy person  when it comes to taking care of my self...
I own many skincare items that I wear them before I put on make up or after I take my make up off...the days I don't wear make up I just neglect my skin with the excuse of  "letting it breathe" :P

So here are all my skincare products: 

  • Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
I have a combination to oily skin and during the summer I was facing great problems with my make up (it was melting on my sweaty skin) and I used to get really shiny .This is a holy grail product for me as it is a strong mattifier, it helps my make up stay all day long and I got rid of the discoball effect :) It's also slightly  moisturizing and I use it as a primer.

  • Dior Bronze Protection Solaire SPF30
I rarely wear this, it's got a thick consistency and it's an ideal sunscreen for summer.

  • OLAY Complete Multi-Radiance UV
 This is my every day moisturizer...It's lightweight, it contains illuminating elements and UV protection.I wear it under murad's mattifier and it keeps my skin soft all day.

  • Clinique moisture surge 
I love this stuff! If you have dehydrated combination to oily skin then you need to try this! It's extremely hydrating, you can apply it as a moisturizer or as a mask (depending on the quantity), the results are instant! It's got a slight scent that reminds me of pharmaceutical product, it makes skin look fresh and you can see I've finished the jar and need a new one...

  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
 I use it after my clinique clarifying lotion and before my helps restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin and I find it quite refreshing .

  • Korres almond meal soft natural scrub
 This is my second tube, it's a decent scrub, it is for sensitive or dry skin. It helps to get rid of flaky areas (around the nose for instance) and it leaves my face soft and radiant.

  • Clinique clarifying lotion 2
 This cleanses my pores and removes all the dead cells.It's quite strong and I use it rarely in combination with dramatically different lotion.

  • Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick 
I love it and have already an in depth review  here.

  • Coconut Milk Body Lotion by Body Shop
 This is a body moisturizer with an intense scent of coconut which I love.It comes in a spray form and it suits combination to oily skins.I use it mainly for my hands and feet :)

  • L'Oreal Nutribronze
 This is a body cream (it is supposed to be a body milk but it's so thick that I refer to it as a rich cream) that progressively offers a golden tan and moisturizes.It's got a lovely peachy smell...Never put it before you go out,it gets absorbed very slowly , at least by my skin ...I remember my self in a crowdy club in the summer, being sticky and leave my marks on everybody's arms due to this cream haha! :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

I got awared by sweet Marcela Gmd in the Stylish Blogger Award!

So my turn on are some of the blogs I read quite often
I give the Stylish blogger award to...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Products I dislike (wasted money)..

There are many products in my collection that I love, some others are just ok, but there also are some that however hard I try , I can't make them work for me at all...Of course that's my opinion on these stuff but some characteristics of them are unacceptable...

Nivea Beaute Eyes Wide Open Waterproof in 04 Black

    As I was at the supermarket I noticed that all nivea products had 50% off which is very weird for the greek market as most of the dragstore products are imported and quite expensive comparing to products sold in US and UK..I was running low on my DiorShow Unlimited mascara , so I decided to buy this mascara for the price of 6.50 Euros to try it (I was thinking at the time that 30Euros for a mascara are way too much to be spent again)...
    I thought "how bad can it be?" ...well it is bad LOL It does nothing for my lashes, absolutely nothing. I worked that wand so hard trying to get some volume and length but nothing. I was trying to convince myself that it I should have expected this, that how on earth could I accept a drugstore mascara to my world when I had been using chanel and dior till then...and decided to stick to high end till maybelline came to my life (but that's another story :) )

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse foundation in 040

I am at the Hondos (greek beauty store) and I have money on me.I had just come from mac where I had bought my msf and felt happy with my buy...I was looking for revlon nude attitude lipstick (at that time was a hot purchase for youtubers) which was said to be a dupe for mac's myth.I went to the lady who was very polite, she gave it to me and then started promoting the revlon colorstay foundation which costed 18 Euros..well I told her I had already a foundation which pleased me and then she took me to the "sales" counter where products from all the companies where there...and started saying all the good things of the world for colorstay mineral mousse which was too dark for me but was "great for skin and lightweight for summer" (her words were...).I was so hesitant and she was so pushy, I should have known better (since I used to work for sephora years ago, I should have known better how to protect myself :-P) and be a strong character and tell her a big "NO", but..I didn't. Went home and tried it.It doesn't smell good (industrial smell) , It separates into oil and paint, it is disgusting and I am not going to put this thing on my face for all the money of the world!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinique kohl shaper for eyes in 201 black

I bought this during sales at sephora, it was a spontaneous buy really...This pencil is SO creamy it smudges instantly, I've put it on waterline (it starts to travel and give me sad puppy eyes within 10minutes), upper lashline (it transfers to my eyelids), as a base for my eye make up (it creases of course)....I've tried everything, the only good think is that it comes with a the sharpener which is quite clever but the product its self is a no.

Korres Watermalon Lightweight Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free SPF 30 in 01 Sand

This was a gift from a greek magazine so I didn't pay for it.It kind of...sits on the top of my skin and doesn't blend.It makes my skin greasy but at the same time it shows all the dry and slightly flaky areas ... I've tried everything (exfoliate and deeply moisturize before use, use it with my fingers,brush,sponge) but it doesn't work for me at all.Too bad Korres :(

Seventeen Silky Blusher in Coral (Pearly)

I wanted a cheap blush so I visited Seventeen's counter (Seventeen is a greek cosmetic brand). The lady there gave me the wrong color and I realised it when I went home.Pearly in Seventeen's dictionary means a ton of gold shimmer ... It's so shiny that it gives the impression I have overly oily face and acne scars (I actually don't) . It's pretty good for summer eyeshadow though, it works for that :)

H&M Hello Kitty Lipgloss in Lovely Raspberry

Sticky.I don't like the consistency at all, It's like glue on my lips. I can feel the glitter.I don't like the taste, it's plastic-y.I spent 2 or 3 Euros so no big damage is done...

A)In Greece at least, you get what you pay for...Cheap products are rarely good and big offers should put everyone into thoughts about the quality...what's the point in buying "cute" cosmetics that will fail to satisfy my needs and never wear them?
B)Drugstore products are expensive here and I don't mean that are difficult to be obtained but I am not willing to pay 20Euros on a L'Oreal mascara when in the US is sold for 8-9 dollars...I prefer to spend 30Euros for my Dior one instead.I wonder how high the travel costs of these products to arrive in Greece are and their prices are so high...
C)I wish I lived in the US... :-P Endless options, dollar is cheap and donna karan stuff too! :-P

That's all from me for now..I hope this post is helpful..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Much Is Your Face Worth? Tag

Vintage makeup ( tagged all her subbies and I decided to do this tag as I keep avoiding considerations on how much I spend on cosmetics..and I feel it's time to see the truth :-P.Let's see:

Foundation: Mac's Studio fix fluid = around 22 Euros,not sure (on sales)
Powder:      Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish natural =around 27.00Euros
Bronzer:      Lancome's Poudre Majeur Excellence No3 = around 35.00Euros
Blush:          Mac's Fleurpower = around 15.00Euros (I've got the pan form)
Concealer:   Mac's Select Cover-Up=around 17.00 Euros
Lipstick:       Mac's Hug me= around 17.00 Euros
Lipgloss:      Chanel Glossimer No25 = around 23.00Euros (on sales)
Liner:           Mac's blacktrack fluidline=around 14.00 euros
Eye shadow: Kryolan Oak, Beige,Coffee = about 17.00Euros
Mascara:      Maybelline the Falsies Black Drama=13.00Euros

Total: 200.00 Euros

Omg, I need a Safe to secure my make up! 

I tag you all! :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Trends and a quick fotd of my favourite trend ;)

So here we go!

Sunkissed :)

Michael Kors

Natural :)


Bright eyes :)

Derek Lam

 Colorful :)


Bright lips :)
Jil Sander

Bright lips and/or intense colors on eyes, fresh, healthy looking skin.
Rosy natural lips , smokey eyes without intense outer corners (intensify the inner lid up to the brow), bronzer.

The trend I adore: au naturel! The no-makeup makeup is my favourite.It needs a little bit of practice on blending and on imitating natural shadows,colors and curves of a face but it is so useful and flattering If it's done properly...You can wear it in the morning, when you have an interview or even for a first date , when you want to give the impression of "born with it" :)
What I do:
  • Eye liner on the upper waterline - instantly my lashes look thick (I use Blacktrack Fluidline by Mac)
  • Light makeup base or tinted moisturizer (I use Stila's Natural Finish Oil Free make up) with a brush (when I apply foundation with a brush my skin doesn't look cakey-it helps a lot to the "no-makeup" effect) 
  • Mac's Painterly paintpot on eyelids 
  • Kryolan's Oak to the crease blended well
  • Mac's "Mineral" eye shadow (it's Limited edition, any medium brown will work) to crease-outer v
  • Cream blusher blended very well (I use Stila's Convertible Color in"forget me not").You need a natural color of that, just to make you look flushed.Bright neon pink is a no-no.
  • Powder the T-zone (I use Mineralize Skinfinish Natural by Mac, is such a light powder, you can barely see it on face)
  • Mat bronzer to sculpt lightly nose , jawline and cheekbones (I use Mac's Golden Bronzing Powder which is not exactly mat but will work)
  • Put some mascara (Projectionist by Estee Lauder is incredible for looking completely natural and thick lashes)
  • Lip balm with color (I use Korres Wild Rose lip butter)
That's all from me for now... :) I'd love to know ...what's your favourite trend? Do you have a product that can be more wearable this season (green neon eye shadow for instance lol)?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glamorama's Make up & Beauty SIGMA Giveaway

Winner will be selected using .. and Winner will be announced on 21st April , 2011.

Enter this Giveaway here :

Good luck!!!

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