Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skincare routine...

Despite the fact that I am a program freak and a hard worker, I am a terribly lazy person  when it comes to taking care of my self...
I own many skincare items that I wear them before I put on make up or after I take my make up off...the days I don't wear make up I just neglect my skin with the excuse of  "letting it breathe" :P

So here are all my skincare products: 

  • Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
I have a combination to oily skin and during the summer I was facing great problems with my make up (it was melting on my sweaty skin) and I used to get really shiny .This is a holy grail product for me as it is a strong mattifier, it helps my make up stay all day long and I got rid of the discoball effect :) It's also slightly  moisturizing and I use it as a primer.

  • Dior Bronze Protection Solaire SPF30
I rarely wear this, it's got a thick consistency and it's an ideal sunscreen for summer.

  • OLAY Complete Multi-Radiance UV
 This is my every day moisturizer...It's lightweight, it contains illuminating elements and UV protection.I wear it under murad's mattifier and it keeps my skin soft all day.

  • Clinique moisture surge 
I love this stuff! If you have dehydrated combination to oily skin then you need to try this! It's extremely hydrating, you can apply it as a moisturizer or as a mask (depending on the quantity), the results are instant! It's got a slight scent that reminds me of pharmaceutical product, it makes skin look fresh and you can see I've finished the jar and need a new one...

  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel
 I use it after my clinique clarifying lotion and before my helps restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin and I find it quite refreshing .

  • Korres almond meal soft natural scrub
 This is my second tube, it's a decent scrub, it is for sensitive or dry skin. It helps to get rid of flaky areas (around the nose for instance) and it leaves my face soft and radiant.

  • Clinique clarifying lotion 2
 This cleanses my pores and removes all the dead cells.It's quite strong and I use it rarely in combination with dramatically different lotion.

  • Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick 
I love it and have already an in depth review  here.

  • Coconut Milk Body Lotion by Body Shop
 This is a body moisturizer with an intense scent of coconut which I love.It comes in a spray form and it suits combination to oily skins.I use it mainly for my hands and feet :)

  • L'Oreal Nutribronze
 This is a body cream (it is supposed to be a body milk but it's so thick that I refer to it as a rich cream) that progressively offers a golden tan and moisturizes.It's got a lovely peachy smell...Never put it before you go out,it gets absorbed very slowly , at least by my skin ...I remember my self in a crowdy club in the summer, being sticky and leave my marks on everybody's arms due to this cream haha! :D


Vintage Makeup said...

I wanna try the korres scrub!

Great post. :)

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Oraia proionta koritsi! :) To mattifier apo Murad poso kanei? :) Kantou k ena review se parakalw ;) x

H Rija said...

Great post I am haven't heard of the Korres Scrub! Also, thank you so much for the follow and I am following you back!

makeupattitude said...

@Vintage Makeup: It's a good mild scrub, I intend to make some reviews and iclude this too :)

@Stavroula: Nomizw exei gyrw sta 50-55 eyrw alla egw agorasa to ena sta 45 (ekptwseis) kai to deytero se prosfora sta 40 nomizw. Tha kanw review opwsdipote, to latreyw!

@H Rija: Thank you ! :DD

Demi said...

Murad matifier caught my eye as I have a combination to oily skin..I recently use 3-step it's quite good...good review girl!

The Cat Hag said...

Thanks for dropping by my little blog. :)

I use the Murad Mattifier as well, and if you want powder to set your makeup and keep the oilies away, I highly recommend Kryolan Powder.

The Cat Hag

makeupattitude said...

@Demi: Diavasa to post sou gia to clinique scrub kai to 3step, prospathisa na sou afisw comment kai de mporesa (den emfanizetai olo to koutaki opou eisageis ta tyxaia grammata gia epivevaiwsi tis anartisis,einai katw-katw stin istoselida kai kovetai, pls koitaxe to !)..opote sta grafw edw ola xaxa :) To 3step einai poly kalo, yparxei pithanotita na petaxeis 1-2 spyrakia stin arxi alla einai fysiko logw tis synexous apolepisis kai ananewsis, me ton kairo tha deis i epidermida sou na anoigei se tono, na ginetai pio kathari fwteini kai apali :)
Poly wraio FOTD, elpizw na vreis xrono na kaneis ki alla, anypomonw!

@The Cat Hag: That's going to be one of my next buys, thank you!

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

I'm gonna look into the Murad Oil control. It sounds really good.

Rakhshanda said...

Thanks for sharing <3 Great products!!
Nice blog honey...I'm a new follower :))
Hope you follow back :D

λειντι ντι said...

re: dior sunscreen.when you say it has thick consistency, does it make skin look oily or is it easily absorbed? also have combo (shiny skin in summer)...intrigued by murad..have never tried it. x

makeupattitude said...

@EveryDay Makeup blog: It's sooo good!I'm writing a review for that..

@Rakhshanda: Thank you!I'm following back :)

@λειντι ντι: Unfortunately Dior's sunscreen is a little bit heavy for makes me look oily.Murad's cream does wonders, ask a sample from sephora girls, one time is enough to get convinced about how effective it is! :D